August 13, 2019

Boiler conversion

Switching your boiler over to gas could save a lot of money in the long term, however, it’s not the proper selection for everybody.

Time for industrial boilers conversion to gas:

Many power and recovery boilers out there are twenty to 30+ years previous, running on oil or alternative fuel sources. Since 2010, once fossil fuel prices became engaging, Valmet has rebuilt many boilers to burn fossil fuel, resulting in energy savings and a cleaner boiler space for our customers.

A typical boiler gas conversion reconstruction would come with new burners, new igniters, and a brand new fuel delivery train (skids). Thermokrupp has performed these rebuilds for many years, regarding once a year, and we bring our decades of the recovery boiler and power boiler expertise connected to every project – making sure the construction is on time and a custom match. No 2 installations are similar.

We have converted recovery boilers only, each recovery and power boilers, and power boilers – reckoning on the required scope and savings of the mill or power station. Of course, every job, significantly recovery boilers, put in by Thermokrupp follows for the care and handling of fuels (liquid, solid, and gas) together with design section considerations.