August 3, 2019

Packaged Boilers


Packaged Boilers:

Packaged Boilers are factory-made boilers. It is available in a range of standard designs. Thermokrupp Package boilers are used for heating and act as steam generators for small power purposes such as self-powered industrial plants. Our Packaged Type Boiler unique design Internal Furnace 3 passes Dry Back, Semi-Wet Back, and Fully Wet Back industrial steam boiler.

Packaged Boilers
Packaged Boilers

Product Range:

  • Capacity: Internal Furnace Packaged Boiler is an available capacity of 1Tph – 4 Tph.
  • Fuel: This type of boiler uses Solid Fuels: Wood, Coal, bagasse, Husk, etc.


Packaged boilers can be used in food processing, rice mill industry, Textile industry, Paper mill, wood processing, plywood industry, chemical industry, drug manufacturing company, etc.

Thermokrupp Engineers are very aggressive boiler manufacturers, manufacturing top-level industrial package type boilers.

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Working of Packaged Boilers:

working of Packaged Boilers is Generally, the liquids are stored in the packaged boiler for generating steam by burning the fuels or applying the heat energy at different conditions of pressure supported by the dimensions of the vessel also as specifications. Finally, the steam in the boiler supplies employing a pipe and flows into various industries like plants.
The main components of this boiler mainly include a shell, furnace, grate, mountings, water space, accessories, refectory, level of water, scale, foaming, lagging, and blowing off

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Packaged Type Boiler Feature:

  • Packaged boiler required Small combustion space and a high heat release rate resulting in faster evaporation and steam production.
  • It contains a large no of small diameter tubes leading to good convective heat transfer in the second and third pass.
  • Forced or induced draft systems are installed on this boiler to achieve good boiler combustion efficiency of about 88%.
  • Mostly 3 passes resulting in better overall heat transfer.
  • The package boiler as compared to other boilers provides high thermal efficiency levels.
  • These types of boilers are less costly than a water tube boiler erected on a site of the same capacity. It provides quick steam because of the small water volume and a large heating surface.
  • Mostly used for process steam times used for power production.
  • It can be easily started and stopped. Less manpower is required.
  • Not suitable for a very large amount of steam production. 25 ton/hr steam production is the limit for a package boiler. Mostly natural circulation is used.