August 3, 2019

Industrial Chimney

industrial chimney
Industrial Chimney

This study offers a comprehensive review of the research papers published in the field of industrial chimneys and gives latest information and developments taken place in chimneys design and construction.

The paper focuses on modelling aspects of industrial chimneys, which includes case studies, analysis and design using software’s, experimental studies etc. The Current review paper represents a complete collection of the studies done on chimneys and would give an updated material for the researchers.

Industrial Chimney

Industrial Chimney is characterizing landmarks of power plants and industrial setups. Industrial Chimneys are required to carry vertically and discharge, gaseous products of combustion, chemical waste gases, and exhaust air from and industry to the atmosphere. The rapid growth of industrialization and the increasing need for air pollution control as made Thermokrupp chimneys a common structure in the modern scenario.

With large scale industrialization, a number of chimneys and stacks being constructed is increasing year by year. In many industries chimneys are required to leave hot waste gasses at a greater height.

The chimneys of 50-100m are very commonly used Thermokrupp chimneys becoming more and more popular because of the economy in construction and maintenance. the Maintenance cost of steel chimneys (SS & MS) is high and brick chimneys become too bulky and costly when the height of the chimney is more than 30m.

The outer diameter of chimneys may be kept constant throughout or maybe linearly varied. The thickness of the concrete shell may be varied in steps or linearly. Reinforced concrete chimneys are subjected to various loads such as self-weight, wind load, earthquake load and temperature variation.

The design of the Thermokrupp chimney is carried out by selecting the section first and then checking for stress development. The present paper comprises of literature review of the latest papers published in the field of chimneys.