August 3, 2019

Oil and Gas Fired Boilers

Oil Fired & Gas Fired Boiler
Oil / Gas Boilers

Oil or Gas fired boiler is a high efficient, high quality energy saving and fuel saving packaged type boiler.

Oil or Gas Fired Boilers

Thermokrupp Oil & Gas Fired Boilers are a Package Type boiler with an internal furnace and multi passes. It is three passes Internal Furnace Packaged type unique design shell and tube steam boiler.

They cater to process and power applications with fuels like biogas, natural gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, hydrogen gas, furnace oil, light diesel oil (LDO), low sulphur heavy stack oil (LSHS), and high-speed diesel (HSD).

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This type of Boiler is High Efficient and Low Pollution Industrial Steam Boilers

Product Features:

  • High capacity heating system
  • Multi-fuel option – oils and gases
  • Multi-start helix angle guards against vapour lock
  • Works on the principle of natural circulation – no pump required
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Completely automatic and suitable for unmanned operation
  • Robust and stable construction

Operating Range

  • Capacities: It is available capacity range From 1tph to 4tph
  • Firing fuels: Fuel is used in Liquid Oil & Gaseous Fuel.

Development and production of highly efficient and high-performance oil and gas boilers for energy sector have made Thermokrupp one of India’s leading manufacturers of a wide range of shall and tube boiler