August 3, 2019

Industrial Fan

Industrial fan

Industrial fan
Industrial Fan

Industrial Fan, ThermoKrupp has built a brand reputation over decades as a manufacturer of custom-built industrial fans that solve a variety of problems in industrial plants. Thermokrupp Boilers have more fans installation across a variety of industries in India and abroad.

Thermokrupp is renowned for delivering superior performance fans. We manufacture a wide spectrum of fans from small size 2 KW to heavy-duty 12000 KW. The Industrial Fans perform in a variety of harsh conditions from dusty to high heat environments. We have a track record of designing fans to serve a variety of airflow requirements for industrial processes and air ventilation systems (AVS).

Types of Industrial Fans

ThermoKrupp Engineers offer several fan types with different blade configurations such as radial, forward curved, backward curved, airfoil, etc. Each designed for a specific purpose. Some of them can handle larger volumes of air with high static pressures while other is meant for low flow rates.

To achieve higher efficiency at any given operating condition in the industrial process, We customize the fan design for varied airflow rates, pressures, and efficiencies specific to the required of our customers.

There are two types of fan manufacturing by Thermokrupp, Which are used in steam Boiler.

  1. Induced draft fan(ID Fan)
  2. Forced draft fan (FD Fan)
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