August 10, 2019

Boiler Mounting and Spares Part

The boiler is one of the oldest machinery systems to be utilized in a ship’s engineering. During the period, the vessel’s system was high-powered by the steam created by the boiler. With technical advancements and increasing stress on the safety of ships and crew, numerous boiler mountings and boiler safety devices are introduced.
Just putting in a boiler on a ship doesn’t guarantee the efficient operating of a boiler. once a boiler installation is finished on board a ship, it will only be considered complete, once differing types of boiler mountings, together with boiler controls, are fitted to confirm the safe and efficient operation of a gas boiler.

Comprehensive list of boiler mountings

  • Boiler Safety valve
  • Boiler Blowdown valve
  • Pressure gage
  • Water level controller
  • Steam Stop valve
  • Air Release Valve
  • Feed Water Regulator
  • Fire Door