August 3, 2019

Coil Type Boilers

Coil Type Boilers

Coil Type Boiler
Coil Type Boiler ( Baby Boiler)

The various types of coil type Boilers manufactured by Thermokrupp…

  1. Liquid fuel fired 
  2. Gassious Fuel Fired
  3. Dual fuel Fired 
  4. Electric Fuel 
  5. IBR 
  6. Non-IBR
Coil Type Boiler
Coil Type Boiler

Coil type boilers are water tube design, the water travels through the coil and is surrounded with flue gases. The generated steams are directly fed to the process. There’s no scope for steam storage as these are once-through type boiler.

As the steam is incessantly fed to the process and there’s no steam accumulation or buffer, pressure control is tough to realize. At higher loads even, the rate of generated steam falls below the water pumping rate. This causes water carryover, higher moisture content and so steam starvation in the process. The coil type boiler has poor performance below the fluctuating load.

Coil type boiler claim to generate steam with a dryness fraction of about eightieth but actual dryness fractions are around 65-75%. This means the moisture content in the steam is 30 minutes. This results in extended batch timings and lower productivity and product quality.

Small Industrial Boiler
Small Industrial Boiler

Our Coil type Boiler is a unique design, High efficient, required low area, Non IBR Boilers. It’s also referred to as Baby boilers or small boiler or small industrial boiler or SIB Boiler.

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It is working on the “reverse flow” Principle. It’s the revolutionary principle of combustion.

Coil type steam boiler is designed to operate on a large range of liquid and gaseous fuels including heavy oil, light oil, gas, and dual-fuel options.

Capacity Range: The capacity of the Thermokrupp Coil type Boiler is 100 kg/hr-1000kg/hr.