August 7, 2019

Hot Water Generators

Hot Air Generators
Hot Air Generators

Hot Water generator:

Thermokrupp Boilers, Manufacturer and Supplier of industrial boilers, is manufacturing hot water generator of a wide variety and standard design. Our Hot Water Generators become a high quality, high efficiency, and good performance.

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We offer a wide range of oil and gas-fired Hot Water generators to our valuable client in different specifications to meet the diverse equipment of the client. Water boils when its vapor pressure equals the atmospheric pressure.

The Hot Water Generator is designed to operate on a various variety of fuels like solid fuel: coal, wood, husk, Liquid fuel: Diesel, light oil, heavy oil, Gaseous fuel: LPG, biogas, LNG, CNG.

Product Details:

Capacity: 50000 kcal – 1000000 kcal

Temperature: 100-140 deg C

Fuel: Oil, Gas, Coal, Wood, Husk, etc.