August 3, 2019

Hot Air Generators

hot air generators
Hot Air Generators

Hot Air Generators:

A fully automatic multi pass counter current Hot Air Generators consists of stainless-steel shell type integral combustion chamber accommodated in multi M.S. shell. The cold air is inserted by an appropriate capability blower fan in the 1st pass, absorbs heat from flue gas passage and consequently both hot flue gas and cold air traveling in opposite direction in the passage that ultimately transfers ninetieth heat to cold air and delivers hot air from hot air outlet hole.
The system functions totally automatic on temperature sensing device put in at hot air outlet that ON-OFF the burner at a pre-set temperature. The system could be a package type unit, fixed on a common base frame.

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Thermokrupp Hot Air Generators supply air heated to elevated temperature by combining it expeditiously with products of combustion of a burner. the hot air generator consists of an inner combustion chamber, venture section wherever hot products of combustion combine with the dilution air and outlet section.
Hot air at a large range of temperatures and pressures and volume is made for applications like manufactory sand drying, shell sand coating, core drying rooms or ovens, drying and process of ores and minerals, food process, tea drying, seed drying, and paint drying. chamber oil, HSD, LDO, LPG or fossil fuel is also used as fuel.