10 Benefits of Combi Boilers

If you have a limited amount of space in your home, a combi boiler can be a great option for your home. A combination boiler is so named because it combines a water heater system with a central heating system, so there is no need for two separate appliances to perform these functions, meaning you can use it in your home. Saves a lot of space. This type of boiler does not require a cold water storage tank or tanks to store the hot water already heated, which means you save even more space on open-vent systems such as boiler systems. There is also no need to have a large staging area where cold water storage tanks need to be placed. This frees up valuable space in homes where there is already a limited amount of space available.

10 benefits of Combi Boilers

1. Reliable and efficient

When combi boilers first emerged in the UK, most were considered unreliable. However this was due to the complexity of the combination and the ‘rumour’ installer would spread due to poor training and conservatism with a small ‘c’. However, more and more installers are now highly trained in the technology of combination boilers and are more willing and able to fit newer combi boilers. They have always been more efficient than traditional boiler systems, but are now over 90% efficient and as of October 2010, it is illegal in the UK to install a condensing combination boiler that is less than 90% not SEDBUK A rated.

2. Easy to install

Instead of installing, pumps, tanks and hot water cylinders. Installers now only need to install the compact combi boiler unit. Normally, it will take an experienced heating engineer about 2-3 days to change from a conventional boiler to a combination, but if it is a simple combi boiler exchange (an old combi boiler replaced by a new combi boiler so it should only take 1 day. without any complications.

3. Space saver and can be installed in different places

Combi Boiler compact size and versatility allows it to be installed in multiple locations such as garages, lofts, kitchens, bathrooms etc as it can be flown and dropped into a drainage system as per building regulations where as a conventional boiler unfortunately many more parts taking up too much space.

4. The number one choice for homeowners

It is estimated that up to 50% of all new boiler installations in the UK are combination boilers. It is a combination (please, pardon the pun) of technological advancement and reduction in prices of combi boilers including installation.

5. Combi is the abbreviation for Combination Boiler

This is the jargon most installers and homeowners will use when referring to condensing combination boilers.

6. Your water main supplies the combination boiler directly

All combination boilers use pressure from the main waterway to circulate the heated water heated to your radiators and taps. This allows you to enjoy powerful showers without the need for a pump or power shower.

7. Serves as both a hot water and central heating appliance

By combining the supply of hot water and heat to your central heating system, a compact unit naturally ensures that it is the most efficient heating system known.

8. They are not ideal for multi bathroom properties

Unfortunately, combi boilers are not suitable for a home with multiple bathrooms (no matter what manufacturers may advertise). They can supply several bathrooms with hot water, but not at the same time when the water pressure drops and acceptable bathing conditions are not maintained.

9. If the combination heating system fails, there is no hot water backup

Because traditional systems are actually divided into three separate parts. Tank, boiler and hot water cylinder. If the boiler fails, the hot water cylinder will still operate with the aid of an immersion powered by electricity. When a combi boiler fails, it shuts down all heating systems, including hot water.

10. It was invented in 1868 by Benjamin Maugham, who was a painter and decorator

Maugham called his invention the ‘Gas Geyser’. However, his invention did not benefit him as it was seen as a health hazard. There is no flu in it so toxic gases could be released into a house and there was no temperature control for hot water.

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